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    Event Center
    Performing Arts - Dance/Music/Theatre
    Visual Arts/Exhibits
Campus Events
    Event Center
    Health & Fitness
    Speaker Series
College of Business
    Accounting and Finance
    Bay Area Retail Leadership Center
    Business Student Advisement Center
    College of Business Study abroad Program
    Gary J. Sbona Honors Program
    Global Leadership Advancement Center
    Lucas Graduate School of Business
    Management Information Systems
    Marketing and Decision Sciences
    Organization and Management
    Service Science, Management and Engineering
    Silicon Valley Business Stars Program
    Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship
    Silicon Valley Open Source Research Project
    The Center for Banking and Financial Services
    The High Technology Tax Institute
Community Engagement
Continuing Studies
    International & Extended Studies
    Open University (Credit)
    SJSU Professional Development
    Center for Faculty Development
    Health & Fitness
    Human Resources
    SJSU Professional Development
Future Students
    Clubs & Organizations
    Financial Aid, Scholarships
Student Affairs
    Campus Life
    Division Wide Meetings
    Enrollment Services
    Initiatives and Partnerships
    Professional Development
    Signature Events
    Student Services
    Associated Students
    Campus Recreation
    Career Events
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    Clubs & Organizations
    Financial Aid, Scholarships
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    Internships/Service Learning
    Intramural Sports
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SJSU Main Campus
    9th Street Plaza
    Administration Building
        154 (Career Center)
    Aquatic Center
    Art Building
    Art Quad
    Associated Students House
    BBQ Pit (7th Street)
    BBQ Pit (Next to AS House)
    Bell Rose Garden
    Boccardo Business Center
    Building BB
        Cesar Chavez Community Action Center
    Business Tower
    Campus Village A
    Campus Village B
    Campus Village C
    Campus Village Quad
    Career Center
    Caret Plaza
    Central Classroom Building
    Chavez Plaza (7th Street)
    Clark Hall
        Front of Clark Hall
    College of Engineering Courtyard
    Dudley Moorhead Hall
    Duncan Hall
    Duncan Hall Breezeway
    Dwight Bentel Hall
    El Paseo De Cesar E. Chavez (7th Street Plaza)
    Engineering Building
        189 (Auditorium)
        Court Yard
    Event Center
        Sport Club
    Health Building
    Hoover Hall
    Hoover Hall Lawn
    Hugh Gillis Hall
    Industrial Studies Building
    Instructional Resource Center
    Joe West Hall
    King Library
    Koret Center
    MacQuarrie Hall
    Mod A
    Morris Dailey Auditorium
    Music Building
    Royce Hall
        First Floor Study Lounge
    San Carlos Plaza (7th Street and San Carlos)
    Science Building
        142 (Auditorium)
    Science Lawn
    Smith/Carlos Lawn
    Spartan Complex (SPX)
    Spartan Complex Lawn (by the 7th Street BBQ pits)
    Spartan Memorial
    Student Services Center
    Student Union
        Barrett Ballroom
        Faculty Staff Dining Room
        Food Court
        Loma Prieta
        MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center
        Ohlone Room
        Pacifica Room
        Student Union Ballroom
        Student Union Theater
        Uhmunum Room
    Student Union Amphitheater
    Sweeney Hall
    Sweeney Hall Atrium
    Tower Hall
    Tower Lawn
    Uchida Hall
    University Police
    University Room
    University Theater
    Washington Square Hall (WSQ)
        109 (Auditorium)
        207 (Auditorium)
    Yoshihiro Uchida Hall (YUH)
        6 (GYM)
SJSU Off-Campus Facilities
    Associated Students Child Development Center
    Global Studies Institute
    Governmental & External Affairs
    International and Extended Studies
    Lucas Business Complex
    Mineta Transportation Institute
    Processed Foods Institute
    Simpkins International House
    SJSU Research Foundation
SJSU South Campus
    Fan Fiesta tailgating area at Spartan Stadium
    Football Practice Field 1
    Football Practice Field 2
    Simpkins Athletics Building
    Simpkins Center
    Spartan Soccer Field
    Spartan Stadium
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