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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Apply Now to HonorsX! 

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Mondays and Wedesdays, 1-2pm

Do you want to learn about AI? Are you ready to disrupt the world and tackle some of its biggest challenges? Are you interested in working closely with amazing faculty, mentors, and students from other majors and making a difference?

As you continue to challenge yourself to expand your breadth of knowledge within or outside of your major, HonorsX might just be for you!

What is HonorsX? HonorsX is a no-holds-barred, think-outside-the-box, research-based interdisciplinary program aligned with SJSU’s commitment to equity and social justice. Students from different majors work in teams to propose solutions to social problems using AI.

What are the Benefits?
    - Apply learning from your major; build knowledge, AI/digital, and practical skills outside of your major.
    - Take initiative to solve social problems of your choice.
    - Learn multimedia storytelling and engage with the community to present your solutions to a public audience.
    - Receive mentorship from industry mentors and former HonorsX students.
    - Network with peers, faculty leaders, and experts from different fields in a cohort.
    - Apply for a stipend to do research and attend conferences.
    - Acquire practical skills to establish one's own start-up, and apply for graduate school, fellowships, and internships.

How is HonorsX different from other courses on campus?
    - HonorsX courses are co-taught by faculty from different disciplines.
    - Students have the opportunity to learn from non-university mentors and leaders who are practitioners.
    - Students propose solutions to real problems using an interdisciplinary lens.

What is the Curriculum? Three required courses (9 units). You may add two electives of your choice (GE course; real-world practicum or independent study experience, etc.) (6 units) to earn an Interdisciplinary Minor.

When do Classes Begin? Classes begin in Fall 2024 and will be held in fall and spring semesters on the SJSU campus.

Who can Apply to HonorsX? You can apply if you have completed 60 units by the beginning of Fall 24. Transfer students and students from all majors are welcome!

What are the Criteria? You are aspirational. NO minimum GPA, NO prerequisites required. Learn how you can join and apply by May 31, 2024.


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