Begin Again

Tuesday, November 5, 2024

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150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95112 #sjsulibrary
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Everyday, we begin again.  Yet all beginnings are not equal.  We emerge from a pandemic differently than we do from a break up, we step into revelations about the self differently than we step into our cars to go to work each day.  The impact of change varies, but the process is strangely similar—release, anger, grief, discovery, and the awkward joy that’s possible in the new.

Begin Again, is a series of mixed media works that draw from a period in my life that was chock full of change.  In eight years I’ve understood myself as a physical being, left a career that was killing me, started a career that brings me joy, received my autism diagnosis, weathered a pandemic, stepped into my gender expression, and that’s just the ‘big stuff'.  I needed a visual language full of shocking color, movement, and texture to express the immediacy and complexity--both personal and utterly universal--of these times.

As you walk through the DiNapoli Gallery, I hope you’ll engage with your own feelings about change.  Where are you ready to let something go and where are you ready to begin again?

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