Fall 2022 Finals Writing Drop-In

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 10 am to 3 pm

The San José State University Writing Center is offering a special writing drop-in before finals week. Writing tutors will be available to support students for shorter, 20-minute slots on campus at the Writing Center in the MLK Library.

Tutors will be available to answer any quick questions you have about writing. They will still engage in a dialogue with you—similar to a regular tutoring appointment--but the time is much more limited. The scope of your question has to be narrow enough that a tutor can help you with it within the timeframe of about 15-20 minutes. If you want more extensive help, then the tutor will direct you to schedule a tutoring appointment. 

If you have any writing-related questions that you would like advice on before finals week, please follow the three steps below book your drop-in:

  • Make sure you have a WCOnline account. Here is the video for help registering and activating your account
  • View the schedule in WCOnline on the morning of the drop-in. The grey slots are the available ones.
  • Contact us to book your drop-in. Call 408-924-2308 to book a slot over the phone, or from 10 AM, visit us at the Writing Center MLK library location on the second floor to book your slot in person.

A drop-in can only be booked up to two hours ahead of time (i.e., from 9 AM, a student may book an available drop-in time up to 11 AM; and from 10 AM, a student can book a drop-in up to 12 PM). 

Slots are limited to one per student. 

SJSU ID will be required on the day. 

We look forward to supporting you.

Writing Center Team 


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