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You are invited to the next SAVi GIS Talk; the designated event to engage and educate a broad audience about how GIS can be deployed to address societal and environmental challenges. 

In this SAVi GIS Talk event, we are honored to have two panelists (Dr. Serena Alexander and Dr. C.J. Gabbe) with a rich background in environmental studies and sciences research where they will share their recent research and findings and how mapping and GISci could support ENVS research.   



Dr. Serena Alexander | Associate Professor & Director of Urban Online
Department of Urban & Regional Planning, San José State University
Presentation title: Safeguarding Equity in Off-Site Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Mitigation in California


Dr. C.J. Gabbe | Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Santa Clara University
Presentation title: Housing and Urban Heat: Assessing Risk Disparities in San José, CA


This event will have a live broadcast on SJSU Urban and Regional Planning Department's Facebook page

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