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Can the recently elected progressive governments of Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, and now Brazil move the USA to more progressive politics around the environment, women's, immigrants' and workers' rights?

The USA has seen Latin America as their "backyard/playground" for over 100 years (thank the Monroe Doctrine for that) where capitalistic-neoliberal politics have been dictated from the White House, the Capitol and the Federal Reserve to over 30 countries and territories south of the Rio Grande. And while the USA and its government grows more conservative every year, socio-political movements in Latin America have moved away from such directives and elected more progressive governments to lead their nations. Could these leftist governments and their peoples have an impact in the USA socio-political climate?

Join Deputy Diversity Officer Fernanda Perdomo-Arciniegas for this TERTULIA*

This event is hosted by Counseling & Psychological Services, International Gateways, International Student & Scholar Services, and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Tertulia is a gathering of people who meet to talk or discuss current affairs, literature, arts, and it's usually in a cafe. So bring your hot beverage of choice and let's talk!

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