Mementos: Tales for a New Century

Saturday, December 5, 2020 7:30 pm

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Mementos: Tales for a New Century is a world premiere devised digital theatre performance led by Professor Kirsten Brandt.

Devised theatre is a collaborative method and process for making theatre that unleashes innovation and creativity. Working with an ensemble of student actors and writers, we will create three - four interlocking stories (10-15 minutes each) using Folk/Fairy Tales from around the world as source material. Folk & Fairy allow us to explore and uncover the root of our personal and societal fears in order to conquer them and enact change. Under the guise of “tales” the piece will explore immediate contemporary issues affecting our community right now.

This project is open to writers as well (who want to act or not). We will be developing this show using all technology at our disposal to create this performance hybrid! This not a ZOOM show. You do not have to be geographically present in San Jose to participate. One “tale” will be live streamed from Hammer 4 on Dec. 5. The entire show will be distributed online.

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  • Jaime Hsu

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