101 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113

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Supported by the SJSU’s College of Humanities & the Arts’ Artistic Excellence Programming Grant, prepare for a night of Poetic Alchemy, where sight and sound collide, transmuting the sonic and corporeal into a performance of poetic transcendence.

Apprenticing itself to the arcane performance practices of the enigmatic Bread and Puppet Theater, SJSU’s Poetic Alchemy will be an evening of surreal life-size puppetry and mask dazzled mysteries.

Organized through the MFA Creative Writing program in the College of Humanities and the Arts, Poetic Alchemy: Poetry in Performance interlaces interpretative performance with poetry.

Embodying the alchemical, that medieval science in pursuit of immortality, that chased the key to transmute lead into gold, the interdisciplinary performance of Poetic Alchemy showcases SJSU arts at its finest, featuring collaborations with students and faculty from the Department of Film and Theatre, the Department of English and Comparative Literature, local dancers, modular ambience, South Bay electronic musicians, and area audiovisual artists. 

Situated where performance and spoken word filter contemporary 21st century social inequities with aesthetic intent, Poetic Alchemy makes visceral the unique positionalities and cultural perspectives of San Jose State University’s poets and writers. 

Prepare yourself and come dressed in your esoteric finest on April 17th, 7pm at the Hammer Theater for Poetic Alchemy! 
Supported by the College of Humanities & the Arts’ Artistic Excellence Programming Grant