200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113

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The San José City Hall Rotunda Concert and Sound/Visual Projection consists of a live performance of music for a mixed ensemble (flute, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion, and violin) and electronics. It places site-specific spatial acoustics and performer/audience distribution at the foundation of the creative compositional process. Composers/faculty members Pablo Furman and Christopher Luna-Mega explore various aspects of the concept of the Rotunda under the lens of San Jose's public works and the general soundscape: traffic infrastructure, hi-tech high rises, bridges, un-housed encampments, sacred spaces and spaces of education and knowledge.

The concert will feature projections of visual digital art generated by Andrew Blanton and collaborators from the CADRE Media Lab at SJSU. 

Performers: Ray Furuta, flute; Michael Hernandez, soprano saxophone; Aaron Lington, baritone saxophone; Pablo Furman, percussion; Catalina Barraza, violin.

Furman's and Luna-Mega's compositions are informed by research on 1) Spatial and dynamic distribution of performers throughout the Rotunda as an alternative to a stage; 2) A moving audience, oftentimes surrounded by the performers; 3) Imaginary soundscapes from the various ages and contexts in which the Rotunda has been used; and 4) anamorphic screen projection of related static and moving images. Musical ideas were drawn from literary references and historical uses of circular, domed structures such as the 126 A.D. Pantheon in Rome, the “temple of all the gods,” arguably the first known monolithic dome. Furthermore, the Pythagorean concept of the harmony of the spheres is an important element featured in the programmed works.

Sponsored by the College of Humanities and the Arts Artistic Excellence Programming Grants.


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