Sophie Kahn: Dematerialized

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 5 pm to 6 pm

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Sophie Kahn’s work investigates the complexity, and the poetics, of capturing the female-identified body in the digital age. She uses a 3D laser scanner to create sculptures, prints, video and VR/AR artworks. This scanner was never designed to capture the human body in motion--when confronted with a moving form, the machine receives conflicting spatial coordinates and generates incomplete images. Kahn converts this deliberately damaged data into the form of prints, videos and hand-painted, 3D printed sculptures. 

Her fragmented forms draw inspiration from funereal and memorial sculpture, and can read as faux-historical forgeries and/or contemporary relics. The psychological underpinnings of Kahn’s work are based upon the artist’s personal history of chronic illness and disability. Looking through the lens of medical history, Kahn examines significant moments (e.g. the ‘invention’ of hysteria at the Salpetriere asylum) where older technologies like photography similarly failed to capture the female-identified body and its attendant madnesses. 

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