Cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and no organization is immune. While the volume of cyberattacks has increased exponentially, the bigger concern for most transit agencies is that the  average cost to recover from successful attacks has skyrocketed. While many transit operators have taken steps to improve cyber resiliency, others continue to assume they will not be targeted. How are insurance companies and regulators responding? Don’t miss insight from the experts about recent evolutions in the cyber risk landscape and the impacts on transit. Expert speakers will provide recommendations on how the different segments of the market can work together to manage the risk of cyber attacks in “Uncharted Territory: 2024 Cybersecurity Insurance and Transit Landscape.” Join the conversation on Thursday, July 30th at 12:00p.m. (PT).


• Scott Belcher, Research Associate, MTI; Co-Founder, Cybrbase, LLC. 

• Todd Chollet, Risk Advisor and Cyber Practice Leader, Sunstar Insurance Group. 


• Hilary Nixon, PhDDeputy Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI)


*0.5 PDH credit available



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