Have you ever wondered, what the *bleep* is an NFT? Are you blockchain-curious? Interested in making your own NFT? 

Come to our NFT workshop on Dec 1st from 6-7:30 pm PST hosted online via Zoom. Register here for the Zoom Link.

Hosted by SJSU Digital Media Art faculty Chelsea Thompto& Rhonda Holberton. This event is supported by the College of Humanities & the Arts’ Artistic Excellence Programming Grant.


This will be the 1st of 3 workshops, hosted in Fall 2022- Spring 2023. Beginning Dec 1st,  students can enter their own images into an online art exhibition hosted by New Art City. In spring 2023, a panel of NFT/Digital Arts experts will select several of the artworks in the exhibition to be MINTED (turned into NFTs). The minted NFTs will be presented during a public discussion with the panel about the future of NFTs.

Other burning questions that will be answered:

How do I make an NFT?

What makes something non-fungible?

How much is a jpeg worth?

What is a DAO?

What’s the difference between Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work?

Does making an NFT (minting) really use more electricity each year than the entire country of Argentina?

Schedule Workshop 1: Making an NFT

  • Discussion: What the bleep is an NFT
  • Student Activity: NFT Creation 
    • Option 1: AI using DALLE2
    • Option 2: 3D Render Blender
  • Workshop Materials Provided: 
    • Step by Step instructions (Video & Text)
    • Templates for 3D renders: download Blender (free) to use
    • Access to DALLE2 during the workshop: pre-registration is ---encouraged new accounts receive 15 free credits

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