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Trimming the Fat: Writing Concisely and Avoiding Wordiness

Think about a tender, juicy cut of Filet Mignon, medium rare. Does anything ruin that first perfect bite like a mouthful of gooey fat? This experience is similar to that of a reader forced to read a sentence that sounds like this: “ For the first and earliest time in his short young life, Michael was experiencing and feeling the sensations commonly associated with love, an emotion he had never felt before.” It's a common misconception among beginning writers that using more words makes one's writing sound more intelligent. The opposite is true. The trick to good writing is to say as much as you can in as few words as possible. Trim the fat, leave the meat. This workshop will explore strategies for recognizing and removing this undesirable fattiness from your writing



Our writing workshops are one-hour group seminars that focus on specific writing topics. 

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